The LIGHT products by PARAT: hard-wearing, reliable and built for extremes, with features pros can rely on.

PARALUX® CERTIFIED LIGHT and PARAT X-TREME® PROFESSIONAL LIGHT – two approaches, one goal: robust, functional and handy lamps designed to the most modern standards while providing best brightness for use in harsh environments.


The LED reflector features a brightness of up to 170 lumens* and guarantees a headlamp range of up to 200m. This way, details in the dark are clearly visible even at a longer distance so that your colleagues can always be seen and are easy to detect when working under extreme conditions.

 *data relating to the lamp is provided by LED vendor


DEKRA-certified according to ATEX and IECEx, the PARALUX® safety lamps provide, depending on the model, protection for ATEX zones 0, 1 or 2 and STAUBEX zones 21 or 22. If you can do without explosion protection, lamps from the PARAT X-TREME® Professional Light series are the best choice. And of course, you still can rely on the product’s water-, dust- and air-tightness as well as impact resistance.

A good match

The PARASNAP® light holder system is certified according to DIN EN 433:2008 and allows users to quickly secure a lamp to the helmet or belt clip, and can just as easily be removed again. The combination of magnetic attraction and mechanical fastening enables adjustment, mounting or removal of the lamp with just one hand. Alignment of the lamp head can be varied with the SNAP-IN swivel joint and makes fine-tuning a snap – just as you need it in whatever situation.


Good gadgets must be ready for use as soon as you need them. This is why our safety lamps are designed for maximum usability. The rubberized rear switch is designed for easy one-hand operation, integrated fastening clips hold your safety lamp firmly in place so that it is quickly at hand again when needed (depending on the model chosen). Battery level indicators, integrated subject to model, change from green to red when the battery is low. Changing the battery is done with a flick of the wrist even in hectic situations and makes your safety lamp ready for use again within a matter of seconds.


Upon request, the PARAT safety lamps can be provided with individual overprints and – depending on the size of the print run – produced in different housing colors. This will turn the sophisticated lamp into a unique promotional gift or giveaway to reward your team members.


PARAT accessories such as flashlight holster, glass-fiber optics cap, LED reflector or warning wand make your PARAT lamp even more flexible when on the go.

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